Learn the art & science of flipping properties for top dollar with Nick Ruiz's patented Single Family Triad™
(Make wealth creation a MATHEMATICAL CERTAINTY.)
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  •   Master your business through Nick Ruiz's turn-key business solutions walking you step-by-step from securing funding to cashing checks!
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Our Students Have seen success Within The first 2 months! Watch the success Stories Below.
**Please note, to achieve similar results requires a 100% commitment level and the strongest of work ethics but in no way guarantees success. Your work ethic, desire to succeed, perseverance and following instructions determines your outcome.  We simplify the business but easy is not part of the equation for business success. Be prepared to work hard for similar results.**
Cleared $50,000 and more...
After working on multiple deals Donovan cleared $50,000 and on his way to $100k!
Zady L.
$52,421.00 on one deal!
He executed our system and has made over $250,000.00 since starting with us!
Shawn F.
Made $75,000 on 1 deal… makes 6-7 figures a year.
He made a 100% commitment to our systems and left his job for good and is now making 6-7 figures since starting.
Cyrus McCarty
Profited $170,192.00!
Since starting has hit the ground running and profited huge on this flip!
Angel Z.
$20,000 on his first deal!
This business works when you commit to working our systems like Angel Z. did.
And Patric R.
Made $20,000…
Being under 21 years old did not matter for this guy.  Patric is proof that anybody can do this business.
Samuel L.
"Bought the Wholesale 101 Course and made my first $20,000 in just a few weeks! The course walked me through step by step and there was no confusion."
Upstate New York
"Bought the Wholesale 101 course and got my first contract signed in 2 WEEKS and my commission check within a month of buying the course! All while working 1 fulltime job, 2 part time jobs, raising 2 kids and hitting the gym 5 days a week! Another $14,000 in the pipeline."
H'rach S.
Los Angeles, CA
"Made $10,000 on 1 wholesale deal in Los Angeles in weeks!"
Carlos R.
Pheonix, AZ
"Made over $80,000 in 1 month and 4 days!! 
Made his first $5,000 from a $1.25 bandit signs then $1,800 in mailers brought another $80,000."
Near Cleveland, OH
"Fixed and flipped 2 houses, Flipping wholesale deals to rental investors in volume and I now have a number of rentals of my own generating passive income all in 9 months.
5 deals in the last month!"
Jake S.
Cleveland area, OH
"Started the course at 17 years old and closed a $25,000 deal just a few months later. Closed 11 more deals in the next couple months!"
Corey L.
Chicago, IL
"After Rehabbing for years and turning down deals I didn't have time or money but I closed 3 wholesale deals in ONLY 52 days. Using $0 and no credit."
Claire S.
Syracuse, NY
"Made several $1,000's from my first two deals and I'm ready to take on the world!"
Prince P.
Dallas, Texas
"Made over $18,000 on my first deal. From knowing nothing to making 5 figure deals with Nick's course! The whole project took me less than 4 hours."
Alex H.
United States
"In Under 2 months and only 5 hours on my first project I closed my first deal for $5,455.00 with Nick's wholesaling business model."
Our program has transformed lives across all walks of life. 
From beginners to experienced flippers. From small markets to high value markets like Southern California, New York and everything in between.
We can confidently say that our program has created financial freedom for many students and now it's your turn!
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